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Labor and Delivery Photography

I am available for labor and delivery photography. Birth pictures are about capturing the miracle of birth and your newborn baby's first moments in the world through photography. I am available to witness and photograph this special time at your home, hospital and birthing centers located in the Chicago area. Please contact me as soon as possible with your baby's due date. Should your baby arrive significantly earlier or later than expected, we can move your session around accordingly.

When Should I Schedule a Newborn Session?

Newborns are best photographed within the first ten days of life in order to capture that itty-bitty brand new look and precious "Womb Curl". If you are pregnant, please contact me with your due date and we will set up a session. Should your little bundle arrive significantly earlier or later than expected, we can move your session around accordingly. If your little one has already arrived, please contact me right away, and I will do my best to work you in as soon as possible.

I'd Like to Document My child's First Year. How Far Apart Should I schedule My Sessions?

Rather than having your baby's photographs taken at certain ages, I recommend that my clients schedule their sessions in an effort to document milestones. I just feel that these sessions tell more of a story about your baby and important development moments and milestones than sessions done at particular ages. An example might be to do a "Newborn" session, a "Sitting Up" session and a "First Birthday" or a "First Steps" session.

What About Wardrobe?

It is best to pick clothing that is simple, without logos, numbers or words. Newborns are best photographed nude (but strategically positioned of course). For older babies and children photographs, textures like chunky knits, denim, linen or corduroy are great. For adults or family shots, simple solids work best. Small, subtle patterns are fine. Try to coordinate color schemes, but do not try to match your outfits. If you find yourself overwhelmed by picking outfits for the whole family, dressing in white shirts of different styles and blue jean is always a classic look. No matter if your session involves a baby or the whole family, accessories are a final touch that can really finish the look.

What Kind of Location Should I Choose For My Child's Session?

Because I am a natural-light photographer, I absolutely always recommend an outdoor location whenever possible. The vast amount of light outdoors ensures camera settings that will yield the highest quality images for printing. This may not be possible with newborns (although I have photographed some newborns outdoors when the temperature was perfect and always love these shoots!) but because of a newborns size and immobility it is almost always easiest to place them close to a window to get the desired lighting qualities. For older babies, children, and family's, forest preserve and park (not playground) settings can work well and rarely require a photography permit. If you desire a more "urban" setting, don't hesitate to forgo the parks for a city location. Your session should reflect your families style.

What Time of Day Do You Schedule Your Sessions?

For outdoor sessions, the optimal time for the best light is about two hours before sunset. I try to schedule my session at this time whenever possible. Indoor newborn sessions are generally scheduled in the late morning to early afternoon, to take advantage of the greatest amount of indoor light possible.

Chicago Newborn Photography

Chicago newborn baby photography
Specializing in newborn photography, maternity portraits, & children's photography sessions.

Your newborn's first days, your baby's first steps, or the excitement and discovery of all that is around them, my specialty is in capturing this story for unforgettable memories through photography.
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