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Award Winning - Chicago Newborn Photographer - Julie Aktabowski

Julie Aktabowski is a Award Winning Photographer – On location – Natural Light Photography – Specializing in Newborns, Babies, Children and Families

I am a Chicago based photographer specializing in casual, creative, documentary-style portraiture of the beginning with maternity milestone photographs, newborns, babies, children, and families.

I photograph on location, using natural light to best capture the beauty of my subjects. My goal is to capture those moments that families will want to remember for the rest of their lives.

Beyond being a photographer, I see myself as a storyteller. Anyone can take a picture of what your child looks like. I want to tell a story about who your child IS. Does she bite her lip when she is feeling shy? Does he have a patch of hair hair that is always standing up? I love that. No, I revel in it. It is the quirks and imperfections that make us unique and so special.

What I offer is not for every perspective client, or every subject. I am OK with that. photography is a wonderfully expressive art form for me, and I don’t want to cheapen it with half-hearted work. The client and I “must” mesh. I put my heart and soul into my sessions and I aim for clients that appreciate that. My passion doesn’t just end with what I do behind the camera. I delight in the well-picked location, the perfect prop, the delicious buttery glow of light in a session done at the perfect time of day.

A graduate of the photography program at Columbia College, I am interested in all facets of photography. After having children of my own, I realized the importance of documenting those moments that seem to fly by in an instant. I feel so privileged to share in the joy and wonder of those moments of childhood.


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